Custom Clearance

After you collect your luggage from baggage area, custom clearance of your baggage is mandatory in the international arrival area.

If you are having items regarding custom clearance (on which custom duty / tax is applicable) then pass through RED CHANNEL at the international arrival for custom clearance, for this purpose, X-ray scanning machine has been placed by the Custom Authorities. Alternatively, GREEN CHANNEL is also available for passenger not having any taxable items.

(For more information about Customs Baggage Rule; please visit Customs Rules on FBR Website, For easy access you can visit Baggage Rules on BBIAP Website.

The damage to checked-in baggage may be reported to the airline representative and must be claimed within 7 days of its return, and for delayed baggage, within 21 days of its return. The claim can be made from the airline with which the passenger has traveled or the agency handling the particulars Airline in this regard.



Immigration Clearance Banned Goods / Items

Following Contra Banned goods / items are not allowed without prior permission from concerned authorities.
  1. Arms and Ammunition
  2. Anti Islamic, Anti Pakistan or Obscene and subversive literature
  3. Items of Intellectual Property Infringements
  4. Alcoholic beverages, narcotics, drugs and psychotropic substances

If someone is found guilty of violating these rules, confiscation of the above mentioned items along with detention of the guilty may be enacted.

In case of any assistance please visit Customs Helpdesk located in International Arrival lounge at the BBIAP. For further details please read the Customs Baggage Rules on BBIAP Website or Visit FBR /Customs Website,
Immigration Clearance