Baggage Screening

  1. Make a queuing line at ASF security screening desk.
  2. Pass your baggage from the scanning machine, present yourself for body search and your baggage for inspection, if required and proceed to the respective airline counters for check-in.

Baggage Cautions

  • Please refuse to carry any items at the request of strangers, as these could contain following contraband items.
    • Heroin, Drugs, Narcotics other intoxicating agents
    • Currency more than Rs. 3000/- or US $ 10,000/- or equivalent foreign currency.
    • Antiques
    • Intellectual Property Right infringements and infringed CDs
    • Firearms, ammunition and Explosives
    • Endangered Wild Life Species, Fauna and Flora as protected under the Wild Life Act and Cites
    • Counterfeit currency and counterfeit products
  • Please hand-carry expensive items such as cameras and jewelry, or fragile items such as pottery or glass.
  • Please write your name, address and destination on your luggage in English in case your baggage gets lost.
  • If you have any item / currency which need to be declared at Customs, please go to the Customs declaration counter.

If someone is found guilty of violating these rules, confiscation of the above mentioned items along with detention of the guilty may enacted.

In case of any assistance please visit Helpdesk of respective departments in the briefing area. For further details please visit the respective website.

For Customs Info, Visit FBR Website:
For Anti Narcotics detail please visit Website: