Departure Lounge

  • After immigration and custom clearance, you will proceed to International Departure Lounge. The Passenger will be not be allowed to go out of the Lounges (to Public Areas) once the formalities are completed.

  • Check boarding pass or the flight information monitor and go to the appropriate boarding area or boarding gate.
Cautions for Immigration:
  • Follow the announcement for boarding by the airlines and proceed to the respective boarding gate for onward travel to the aircraft by bus / shuttle.
Procedure for crew handling

As regards flight crew member on scheduled services who retains his license in his possession when embarking and disembarking, remains at the airport where the aircraft has stopped or within the confines of the cities adjacent thereto, and depart on the same aircraft or on his next regularly scheduled flight out of Pakistan, his crew member license or crew certificate is accepted in lieu of passport or visa for temporary admission into Pakistan with those countries only with whom bilateral agreement exists in this respect. This provision is also applicable if such crewmember enters Pakistan by other means of transport for the purpose of joining an aircraft.